Dosad održane konferencije

6. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 6. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“Learning Through Inquiry”
Hotel “Garden City”, Konjic
The 6th Annual Conference together almost 260 educational professionals from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
More than 30 teachers organized workshops and present good practices to their peers.
26 research teams from different countries planed and conducted research about important historical and cultural monuments in Konjic, the beauty of the river and bridges, they explore sounds, smell and taste of the city, interviewed citizens, vendors at a market-day, kids and adults.
5. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 5. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“Curriculum, formative assessment and extracurricular activities as a tool for development of children’s key competences”
Hotel “Terme”, Sarajevo
The 5th Annual Conference attracted over 250 educational professionals and other stakeholders from six countries in the Region, including members of ISSA and REYN.
More than 50 workshops, presentations and promotions held by 70 practitioners, university teachers, policy makers and other professionals, raise the important issues and provide models and solution for the number of questions connected to the quality and effectiveness of current educational systems to assure development of competences such as critical thinking, creativity, but also competencies related to the social justice and social responsibility in preschools and primary schools.
4. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 4. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“The change begins in me! – for the world to become a good place for every child!”
Hotel “Zenit”, Neum
The 4th Annual Conference was attended by more than 200 teachers, school counselors, university professors, and civil society representatives from six countries in the region.
Workshops and presentations realized by about 40 experts from various fields from 23 organizations and schools in the region (the program and the list of presenters is attached).
Raised more than 200 ideas for action in the community, and agreed the campaign at the regional level.
3. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 3. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“Promoting Quality in Education – Competent Teacher of 21st Century”
Hotel “Maršal”, Bjelašnica
The 3th Annual Conference attracted over 240 participants from six countries, and more than 100 children and families, gather together to explore and learn, share and improve their skills and competences.
2. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 2. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“Initiative for Righteous Education System”
Hotel Bistrica, Jahorina
The 2nd Annual Conference brought together more than 200 Coalition members, professionals, practitioners, parents, students and policy makers, and provided opportunity to share main Initiative goals, send messages to wider audience, bring and empower new allies and partners and plan long term advocacy actions. It was great opportunity for learning, sharing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and resources.
Educational and other experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and region conducted more than 35 workshops, round tables, open forums and debates, presented several documentaries addressing education, promoted new books, discussed and planed joint actions and inspired each other.
1. Regionalna konferencija edukatora 1. Regionalna konferencija edukatora
“Priče o stvaranju škola po mjeri djeteta”
Hotel Aquareumal, Fojnica
The 1st Annual Conference was attended by more than 170 teachers, school counselors, university professors, and civil society representatives from six countries in the region.
40 Workshops and presentations realized by about 35 experts from various fields.